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iMerit was in need of a rebranding that matched their high-quality capabilities and specialties. They needed to shed misconceptions and reflect their reality of quality, high-tech specialization in data annotation across key verticals like autonomous technology, medical AI, and geospatial intelligence. That’s where Sköna came in.

We started by exploring the DNA of the company by getting to know the people and the company’s values, missions, and goals. From gaining an in-depth understanding, we were able to shape a brand that actually showcases who iMerit is and what it does. 

After months in the making, we are happy to share the new iMerit brand and its website. A new website showcases the company’s high-tech identity and the importance of its combination of iMerit technology, processes, and people. The new brand is filled with engaging features and shaped with hours of care and passion. Here’s the process from start to finish –

The brief

iMerit began as a non-profit organization working to provide jobs in tech to women and youth in underrepresented rural communities in the Kolkata area. And while they still provide jobs in tech, the company has grown into a global leader in data annotation with expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning supported by subject matter experts.

We teamed up with iMerit for a rebrand to better reflect their progression to being an international market leader in AI data annotation. We needed to shed any misconceptions of crowdsourcing and highlight the reality of the expertly-trained, long-term data annotation partners that they had become. The goal with the rebrand was to showcase iMerit’s high-tech identity and three core brand attributes – security, expertise, and flexibility.

With these goals in mind, we created a new iMerit website to communicate the iMerit story and vision and to make the iMerit brand come to life for its partners, customers, and employees. We wanted to create space for brand awareness, highlight company verticals, and to include a new content distribution platform for long-form content.

The strategy

As with any rebrand, everything starts with digging into getting to know the company and the people. We have to understand the company, the mission, and the vision in order to steer our decision making throughout all creative elements.

After a team introduction and a deep dive into the iMerit story – from its origins to present-day  – we gathered more in-depth information through key stakeholder workshops. These workshops allow a clear understanding of goals, vision, passions, and preferences that are all crucial in shaping the brand like strategy, tone of voice, personality, must-haves, and the industry-specific do’s and don’ts.

It is necessary for these workshops to be attended by company strategists and tacticians alike, and anchoring each workshop was iMerit CEO and Founder Radha Basu and its President and CTO DD Ganguly. The workshops also allowed for web-specific feedback and illustrating critically-important inputs on the company’s needs, particularly, the need to reach several different audience groups, and cater to many different user flows.

“I’ve been working with first-class design teams the last 35 years, at some of the most dominant brands in the business — Disney, Yahoo, Fox. The design team Sköna assembled to reimagine and recreate the iMerit website was among the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The team brought a host of concepts to the process and the know-how to flawlessly execute against an entirely different and more visionary turn of mind. The team at Sköna not only made me look good… they made me perform better.”
— Mark Papia, iMerit, Director of Content & Communications

From these workshops, we sculpted the brand elements and concepts. With iMerit, the goal was to show what it is – a confident, trustworthy, and modern brand. The concept needed to show iMerit’s technological competence, accuracy, and precision – the fundamentals of its work.

The creative

Everything was developed with purpose. We had a collaborative goal to showcase the bold brand with a detailed, lively site full of flexible UI and cutting edge design.

To do this, we played with bold shapes, colors, and animation. The red primary color was a move to stand out in the sea of blue and green tech companies and an ode to the flame in their logo. The goal was to create a brand that wasn’t predictable or conventional, but cutting edge and brave. The site’s motion and animations illustrate the service and wayfinding that added to the iMerit values of attention to detail, innovation, and creativity.

Golden ratio circles, line shapes, and patterns are woven throughout the site. The grids speak to the technology and mathematical accuracy. The secondary imagery showcases the company’s focus on people and its quality workforce.

The final site features a balance between technology and people to show both their expert employees and expert technology.

The results

The overall result of our work is a refined brand strategy and expression that illustrates the current iMerit and the possibility of where iMerit is going in the future. Flexible, dynamic, and bold – the website reflects the high-quality data annotation partner and technology expert that iMerit is with all-new copy and content and a design that is understandable for all target audiences.

Now, the website can also be used as a valuable sales tool for the iMerit team to share past successes and future possibilities. The brand development has repositioned the company in a way iMerit wished to be seen – as a strategic partner and expert for AI initiatives all around the globe.

Check out their site today: www.imerit.net


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