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“One piece of content is too little to prove the benefits of content marketing in general, but it’s a good beginning.”

In case you missed it, we opened a Sköna office in Stockholm this spring. Since then we’ve been hard at work (even during the famous Swedish summer!) helping our new amazing Swedish clients. This week we launched our first campaign for a company called Hydro66, a revolutionary colocation data center based in the North of Sweden.

Sweden is a very engaged and innovative country when it comes to environmental issues. At Sköna Sweden, we aspire to become part of the movement by helping Green Tech companies flourish. For the past few months, we’ve been working in collaboration with Hydro66 to help them better define their unique positioning, establish a coherent brand blueprint, structure their messaging and start building the blocks of a consistent content marketing strategy. After months of strategic work to put all their brand elements in place, the time has come to start implementing.

When working with content, the road to success can be long and time consuming for small companies. But the key is to start, even if you start small – with some well-thought pieces like blog posts, a case study, a white paper and a clever digital campaign that you can optimize to reach out to your target audiences in the most effective way possible. Little by little you can start building brand awareness and driving leads.

And that’s exactly what we did! We began by interviewing a couple of happy Hydro66 customers and created their first customer success story: Mangelberger.
A compelling story highlighting Hydro66 key differentiators turned into a beautiful case study PDF, landing page and banners to promote the story online. The process seems simple and straight-forward, especially when content marketing is part of your company DNA, but producing your first piece of content is a big deal. The case has only been live for a few days now and traffic is already up. One piece of content is too little to prove the benefits of content marketing in general, but it’s a good beginning.

One piece at a time, we believe that Hydro66 will be able to reach out to their audience and provide them with insightful information — creating more value, building understanding, trust, and confidence in their new revolutionary model and following them down the funnel to eventually scale their new business and lead generation efforts.

One piece at a time, we at Sköna believe that we can continue helping Hydro66 provide companies with the best foundation for their data while preserving our planet and reducing the environmental and financial impact of the Internet.

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