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We often get asked to bring ideas and illustrations of B2B companies who are doing ‘it’ well. Here are the brands that are currently being mentioned in most of our meetings. Wait – we didn’t do the design on these?! Yeah, that’s who we are, ready to always share the love!


A smart and well-designed brand. They talk a big game. They’re confident but still retain a friendly tone with a sense of humor. Clear visual representation of their product and the product design matches their marketing design. They provide great thought-leader material, even when it’s sourced from other places and served up. They’ve done the work to look for stuff that speaks to designers.


We think their billboards are great. Memorable and they stand out! Perhaps not reinventing the wheel with their use of emojis, but they’ve been really consistent which makes their stuff stand out in the crowded billboard tech landscape.




They seem to put their effort and brainpower more into their product than the marketing itself, and also lend some nice human touches to the product experience with in-app messages and fun Easter eggs. But when they actually do advertising, it’s super simple and fun with meaningful and consistent messaging and really approachable visual design.


Fun, using humor but also nice content and straightforward messaging. Willing to take risks with unexpected campaigns that can sometimes leave you a little confused.  They definitely don’t take themselves too seriously and help prove that B2B doesn’t mean boring. 



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