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When a company has growing pains – $11M Series B funding, team expansions, and new goals type of growing pains – it makes sense that some things could need readjusting to fit. For Rollbar, this expansion meant the brand needed a little facelift. We teamed up with Rollbar to deliver a brand refresh for a new look, to appeal to a broader customer base, and create cohesive marketing materials that could support the growing team.

Rollbar is a cloud-based bug tracking and error monitoring solution that makes it easy for companies of all sizes to manage and address software fixes quickly and painlessly. In 2020, Daniel Day, former Head of ABM at Snowflake, joined Rollbar as VP of Marketing. The team was craving a brand with structure, modern marketing material, and a fresh look to support the fast growth Rollbar is experiencing. Together we were able to take a brand with a lot of individual perspectives on its identity and streamline concepts into a refreshed brand with consistent looks and materials.

A brand refresh means we must identify the unique qualities in a brand first before adjusting, sometimes ever so slightly, sometimes massively. We worked with Rollbar to identify goals, personality, and image before streamlining key components of the brand. A consistent brand also means consistent and better marketing. It means the team can rapidly scale because they have the tools to do so. By creating brand assets that followed the same style, the team is able to create a more seamless marketing strategy for the future.

Rollbar is about reliable protection that gives its customers the confidence to move fast. The brand needed to communicate the brand strengths including its story and unique personality. To start, the logo was refreshed to be more friendly and robust and highlight the safety structure Rollbar provides.

The addition of the Rollbar motif is used throughout the site as abstract backgrounds that emphasize precision and illustrates an architect’s blueprint. The color palette is consciously limited and shaped around a bold and modern blue. We created flat and 3D graphics that could simplify complex ideas and explain Rollbar’s process and features through infographics, brand collateral, and in physical spaces.

We wanted to create a modern brand but nothing too trendy – a fine line in tech. We needed to communicate “tech company” but still differentiate Rollbar. We set our sights on reflecting one of Rollbar’s core values of being an honest, trustworthy brand as well as focused on making the brand more attractive to a variety of audiences. Before Rollbar catered specifically to developers, now the brand appeals to the enterprise market including decision-makers, product managers, and developers alike.

With the brand refresh, the team can now use these elements to more freely expand their business together. The new brand creates a flexible and bold look that highlights the productivity, confidence, and protection that Rollbar gives every one of its clients.

Check out the new Rollbar here.


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