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We crave authenticity. And brave campaigns. That’s why teaming up with GetAccept for their “Sell as You Are” campaign really satisfied our soul. We agree that it’s needed to appreciate and encourage authenticity in life, including your work life. The collective creativity from start to finish created not only a fun process but translated to a fun, friendly, and refreshing campaign to bring meaningful interactions back to online sales.

‘Sell as You Are’ is an inaugural online campaign by GetAccept, the sales enablement platform for digital and remote selling. The campaign is based on GetAccept’s new brand identity and their mission to redefine the way companies run sales by creating real connections through being your authentic self. They know that every sale starts with a personal relationship between real people. The platform aims to be the online space where personal, engaging, B2B business happens.



The concept pays homage to common cheesy stock images of people included in sales and marketing material and replaces them with pictures of salespeople with fun nods to the person behind the picture. You’ll see personas like a #SalesZenMaster, #SalesPlaymaker and more. Each persona offers a glimpse into who each person truly is – along with working in sales. 

The campaign includes four stereotypical sales personas, based on the overall target audience of GetAccept. By identifying key differentiators and potential characteristics, we created the following core sales personas:

Sales manager/director #SalesZenMaster
Sales ops director #SalesPlaymaker
Sales rep #ClosingQueen
Sales rep #SalesNinja

By adding a personality to a familiar image and juxtaposing buttoned-up sellers with their favorite hobbies, the lines between their day jobs and personal hours become blurry. Which is entirely the point. Clean, minimal typography and simple colors let the photos do the heavy lifting to emphasize the point that you can be yourself and build real sales connections.

Friday Ahrenby, VP of Marketing at GetAccept, says,

“The objective is for audiences to recognize themselves in the campaign and focus on how using the GetAccept Sales Enablement platform will create a better version of their working self, one where they can come as they are and build real relationships with their audiences. GetAccept’s platform enables these relationships and moves the sale to a rapid close. Real relationships being the most important part of digital sales.” 

The campaign shares what GetAccept believes in as well as who they are – a team made up of authentic, real, friendly people who bring their whole selves to work. The team believes in building relationships and challenging the idea that working and selling remotely means losing a personal touch. Together we created the campaign that revolves around a shared belief that you do your best work when you get to be yourself.

“With this campaign, Sköna added extra creativity to our in-house team with an external perspective. They became an extension to our team. The collaboration was easy and the process very smooth. Being in San Francisco and Stockholm also meant that they were able to combine a good understanding of both the American tech audiences and the Nordic tech world.”

– Friday Ahrenby, VP of Marketing at GetAccept

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