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Sivers was in need of change. A change to fuel better visibility, streamline the brand and share their compelling brand story. Despite being made up of two subsidiaries, the company needed to make it clear it was one unified brand. They needed to cut the jargon and share its products clearly. To position itself with clarity and tell the Sivers brand story, we teamed up with Sivers to create a unified visual identity and a new website with a ground-up rebrand.

Like all good rebrands, the first step is discovering all the things that make a company unique. With Sivers, we dove into learning about what defines Sivers, how their products were perceived, both internally and externally, and held stakeholder interviews. By getting to know the company, the refreshed brand can best reflect its truth.

Tech-savvy, light on the jargon.

The goal was to share the brand’s technical sophistication but avoid technical jargon that previously created confusion. We wanted clarity for bold market presence, better positioning, and clear product offerings. We also needed to share a tone of voice that reflected the company’s values of quality and reliability.

The discovery phase was followed by a new brand strategy to shape the design and messaging. Three separate internal design teams created different design directions to present based on the core brand strategy and messaging. These variations allowed the team to hone in on one that felt truest to the Sivers vision, positioning, messaging and brand story.  This meant together we were able to develop language and a visual identity that was unique as Sivers itself.

The results are in –

The end result is bold and coherent. A new Sivers that clearly communicates a unified brand. We worked to drop the jargon and created a clear, strong, and best of all unique brand identity all wrapped up in a beautiful, intuitive website.

The new brand identity is crisp and clean – from conception to visual brand guidelines – and is shared through a new website featuring both refreshed and new site architecture, content, design, and development. All made to make it easier and faster to intuitively access relevant information. The result also is a brave brand story and visual identity that represents the company’s new global ambitions. 


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