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At Sköna we consider ourselves technology agnostic and will take on projects in all kinds of different languages and content management systems (CMS). We have a development team with a strong computer science background capable of developing sites and apps in any modern language. When we have the opportunity to start a new project, we first take a close look at the requirements and start to narrow down options for language and/or CMS. Should we use React? Squarespace? Drupal? So many options, and all could most likely work.

The majority of the time we land on WordPress. It’s no secret, Sköna loves WordPress, and for good reason. Actually, plenty of reasons. This blog series will deep dive into topics like: what we love about WordPress, why we recommend it over other content management systems, WordPress vs. Drupal, and debunking WordPress myths.

The Reasons

We could talk WordPress all day but to keep this digestible, here’s our top reasons for loving WordPress:

User Friendly

WordPress’ UI is easy to use and highly intuitive. Drupal, Joomla and Umbraco have a much steeper learning curve for the end user. Furthermore, there are plugins that can extend the dashboard to really allow users without any experience to edit anything on the site or even create new pages.

Strong SEO Capabilities

WordPress has many SEO features built in, allowing full control over all aspects of SEO. With plugins like SEO Framework, you can extend WordPress with automated and advanced options for configuring SEO on each page.


WordPress can be made to do virtually anything. We build our themes to be very flexible, allowing the end user to edit and create new pages in an intuitive way. Some common customizations that we implement include resource centers, asset landing pages, campaign and event landing pages, calculators, and quizzes.

Thousands of plugins

There are very few things WordPress can’t do with its extensive library of hundreds of thousands of plugins. The open-source community is really what made WordPress from a blogging platform into the most used CMS on the internet.

Huge Community

With millions of people using WordPress, there are a lot of people out there to help you through any problems you may have. We’ve used smaller CMSs before and running into problems that nobody else has seen before became a frequent occurrence.


WordPress isn’t known for being fast, but we develop our themes from scratch to load fast, use plugins sparingly, and use world class WordPress hosting. With multiple layers of cache and a content delivery network (CDN), the sites load blazingly fast. Here’s some keys to a fast WordPress site:

  • Limit plugin use – Plugins usually add code to the header and footer of every page of the site, slowing down the whole template. We prefer to custom code most features and only use plugins when necessary.
  • Compress CSS/JS – There’s so many tools out there now to compress/minify your code automatically.
  • Compress images – This is our #1 culprit in slowing down sites. To be frank, it isn’t easy to get everyone on the same page on this one. Ideally any image uploaded to the site is sized/cropped correctly and then optimized and exported for web. Sometimes this isn’t possible, so we install plugins that can automatically resize and optimize huge images that get uploaded. If possible, have your developers add limits on image upload fields to prevent large files.
  • Hosting – Having a good hosting company is by far the best thing you can do to speed up your WordPress site. Managed WordPress hosts have their servers set up specifically for WordPress sites and tune them to serve your sites extremely fast.

Cost Effective

Developing a site in Drupal or Umbraco takes more developer hours to initially set up and also to maintain. Basically all web developers and agencies work with WordPress so it’s easy for someone to pick up a project and add to it or maintain it, vs. something like Umbraco or Drupal where you have to find more specialized developers that work specifically with those CMSs.

Big Companies Use It

The WordPress platform is completely scalable and is used for everything from personal blogs to huge tech companies and international news sites. There’s plenty of articles that list all the companies so we won’t go there, but rest assured that WordPress is no longer looked down on, but rather revered, as a CMS for enterprise websites.


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