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This isn’t just the relaunch of our blog. Rather, the blog is the final articulation of the redefinition of Sköna…

This isn’t just the relaunch of our blog.

Rather, the blog is the final articulation of the redefinition of Sköna as a company and our corporate philosophy that goes along with that.

We’ve always been an egalitarian company. The core values exhibited in Lagboken have always been integral to who we are and why we started Sköna 14 years ago. Over the last six months, I’ve felt an overpowering interest to dive deeper into this.

Since we first started working with VMware in 2005, our expertise in the high tech space has grown exponentially. But to some extent, I think we haven’t had time to stop and consider just how good we are at this! Over the years, we’ve worked with the Who’s Who of the high tech world – SuccessFactors, EMC, NetApp, Apigee, Palo Alto Networks, ON24, Snowflake, Affirm, Aspera-IBM, PROS. The main thing that makes Sköna different is that we treat all these B2B high tech markets the same as we used to treat the brands of our consumer clients. We still put our audience first. We still go to battle for the nugget… or what the other B2B marketers call the USP. Results from what we do? Over the last three years, seven of our clients have gotten acquired… SuccessFactors for $3 billion by SAP… Apigee for $625 million by Google. Is it all us? Of course not. But, we give our clients confidence by ‘dressing them up’. We give them the appearance (and the leads) required to drive those types of valuations and interest.

So back to Sköna, really spending time thinking about who we are and what we do reconfirmed and reignited our passion for B2B. We’re a team of really smart, talented people and we’re here to confirm just how great B2B advertising can be, to make B2B sexy (again!). We’re not forgetting our pro-bono arm; 20% of our time will still be devoted to our passion projects in the non-profit world. But from here on out, our position is clear. We are the top creative high tech shop in the Bay Area, and soon Europe. And our blog going forward is a reflection of that. We will use this forum to share our strategies, wins and sometimes even our conundrums. Welcome to our world!

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