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Eight years ago, three friends had a simple, if ambitious idea.

What if data had no limits? What if there existed a platform that was infinitely scalable, infinitely flexible – that could adapt to the needs of the user seamlessly and without hands-on intervention? That only charged for the storage and compute that the user actually, well used?

And so Snowflake was born.

Now, on the eve of their IPO, Sköna is proud to have been part of that journey – helping to share Snowflake’s message with the world and be part of turning a groundbreaking product into a brave brand.

Together, we’ve also had a lot of creative fun along the way – thought-provoking billboards, record-breaking events, three (!) website redesigns, and beautiful, compelling visuals to tell that great story.

We wish our friends at Snowflake all the best for the next step of their data journey.


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