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For 5 years, Swedish communications company Telavox has been using the ‘Flow’ brand name for their communication and collaboration platform – now they’re bringing it in line with their main Telavox brand.

They turned to Sköna to help them reimagine their brand strategy, image, and UX, bringing a fresh user experience to a fresh company.

Today, Telavox is unveiling a whole new look – simple, streamlined, and intuitive, just like their platform, a ‘from-the-ground-up’ rethink that can truly showcase what makes them so special.

The brief

The brief was to start by gaining an understanding of the target audience and identifying the core elements that most resonated with their customers. Working from the customers back, we could then develop a comprehensive strategy that included positioning, messaging, and brand story – developing a language, both visual and linguistic, that was as unique as the company itself. Tone of voice, both written and graphical, had to reflect the company’s core values – the ease with which their product connects people – both colleagues and customers – on any channel, any device, anywhere.

The strategy

Sköna began with an in-depth discovery process, interviewing key stakeholders – both internal and external – to really learn what defined Telavox and how their platform could provide tangible business value to their customers. Only when there was a comprehensive understanding of where the company was – and where they wanted to go – could we help them define their brand strategy, the strategy that would define the development of design and messaging.

“Telavox came to us with a desire to build a strong brand. They had great self-awareness, but also an identity problem, between Telavox and Flow. We helped them focus on their key brand and define what that brand was all about. They already had a strong internal identity – our goal was to help them project that identity externally.”

– Gwen Lafage, Sköna

The messaging

Telavox is all about simple, yet powerful communication and collaboration – a platform that is seamless and intuitive. As such, the language and tone of voice had to reflect this. Short, crisp sentences, jargon-free choice of words, and clear expression of complex ideas were crucial. Despite being technologically sophisticated, the key takeaway needed to be user benefit – the focus of the messaging was therefore very much on the end-user, showing how the platform could enhance their workday.

The choice of language was deliberately human and personal – showing that Telavox really understand their customers and how they use the platform. Telavox is all about bringing people together, connecting customers and colleagues, and this had to come across in the content.

The design

A great website is coherent – one where design and messaging walk hand-in-hand. The visual style reflects the language: clear, friendly, and informative. The user-experience of the website also has to reflect the user-experience of the platform – an intuitive way to share information.

We started by addressing the specific pain-points that the client raised: the styling of the logotype made it appear low-res, the font was too wide, the green (which they were known for) was too hot and didn’t read well.

Telavox has substantial brand recognition, so we wanted the new brand to feel familiar to the customers and to Telavox. We started by resolving these problem areas: take the balls out of the logotype and bring them front and center to represent the connections between people and use it to create an impactful logo mark; find a friendly, readable font that works well both from a UI standpoint and that also expresses the personality of the company; find a green that still reads as Telavox but is application-friendly.

A very minimal palette was built around the new Grass Green. Tubes were added to the ball design and gave us a strong graphic element to work with, and a set of hand-drawn illustrations were commissioned to help explain the product and also add a human touch. All in all, the elements of the brand are purposefully economic to reflect the ease of the product, but combinations of these elements can be paired and arranged in endless creative ways to build a new brand with longevity and recognition.


And the result?

Telavox has produced a platform that breaks down barriers, removes silos, and empowers colleagues and customers alike. Their website reflects this transparency in every detail, presenting a brand image that is 100% aligned with the values that define their product. Every word, every image, every colour, every click – everything points towards the end goal:

Great workdays. Happy customers.

“We have a great working relationship with Sköna. Our collaboration has produced a brand and website that now truly reflect who we are as a company – and where we’re going. Sköna went to great lengths to really understand our position and build bold messaging and design that showcased our uniqueness.”

– Vanessa Mayer, Telavox

To learn more about Telavox, check out the video below:

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