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Hej hej! Meet Louise, our digital designer with an endless appetite for new design trends and warm cookies.

In my spare time, I like to: Hike in the Redwoods, go to concerts, and spend lazy Sundays on the beach – all the California dreamin’ stuff.

My motto: Start with dessert, you never know what’s gonna happen!

Interesting fact: I’ve competed in a few Olympic weightlifting meets, and studied Culinary art in Stockholm.

My recommendation is: You know what’s right, trust your instinct!

My first impression of Sköna: A colorful spark of Scandinavian stardust in the Bay Area fog. And it sounds a bit like ‘scones’ when Americans pronounce it.

What does it mean to be a brave brand? To me, being a brave brand means owning your uniqueness and not apologizing for it.

A brand I would love to work with and why: Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Because of the many verticals – from mystical stories around coffee, the craft, cool art and climate impact. Also any excuse to visit my muse city Portland (and hopefully a cup of yummy coffee on the house too).

Being a Swedish transplant, what are some of the things you miss from your hometown? Swedish summers and the beautiful fall season. Proper fika and really deep conversations with old friends.

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