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Hej hej! Meet Nadia, our latest addition to Sköna’s creative team in Stockholm! A top-notch illustrator, whiskey enthusiast, and cat lover hailing from Sweden’s West Coast.

I’m from: Nösslinge. Really? Never heard of it?

Describe your typical Saturday: Manic housework, buy cat food, skincare products, and Thai food. Whiskey and beer at a trashy pub with friends. Laugh, cry, and crash in bed too early. Saturdays are exhausting…

My motto: “Everything that doesn’t hurt you, or anyone else, is OK” – Olle Waller

Interesting fact: I know more about musicals than my friend who has actually been in several musicals… I love musicals!

My recommendation to others is: Dare to question everything, including yourself and your opinions.

What does it mean to be a brave brand? To me, a brave brand is a brand that doesn’t let circumstances affect its values. It is inclusive and stands tall. It doesn’t follow the standard – it sets it.

My first impression of Sköna: *I wish I could understand what this meeting was about.*

My later impression of Sköna: *What a nice bunch of people. I wish I could understand what this meeting was about.*

Something I would like to learn: 3D modelling, animation, and how to be more chill.

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