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Brand gen is the combination of a brand awareness and lead generation campaign wrapped up into one. It generates buzz and leads at the same time which creates a branding campaign everyone can support with leads and conversions as the added bonus.

The average CMO tenure in the United States is about 18 months – probably even shorter in Silicon Valley.


Cultivating a strong brand takes time and money. In an environment that pushes results constantly and quarterly, investing in a long-term campaign isn’t always a wise approach because well, let’s face it – you might not be around long enough to see the results. You may not even be there long enough to see your ideas come to fruition. 

CEOs and board members like to demand leads with data-driven marketing and clear ROI. This means marketers feel the pressure to justify the always important branding campaigns. And yes, constant justification is not easy.

And no, you can’t drop your standard lead generation activities; that’s what keeps the lights on! At Sköna, we save time for your agency, or in-house team, by creating templates for easy implementation and faster cycles. With lead gen campaigns taken care of, that leaves more time to focus on the more important brand gen campaign. The result? You’ll save time for more branding campaigns and still be making money.

See how Snowflake builds brand gen equity with youtube star comedy duo.


Behold! The magic of six

  • Run campaign a minimum of 6 months.
  • Use a minimum of 6 channels.
  • Have at least 6 pieces of content.

We believe you should shoot for producing blockbuster level campaigns every 6 months. Starting with client insights, we shape the big idea and creative strategy. This is then translated into pristine pieces of content like video or other digital assets, which are always considered top of the funnel.

We then like to build a microsite to host the ‘pièce de résistance’. This is supported by other content pieces for lower down the funnel and paired with other interactive tools to drive engagement. 

Samples from Swedish company Qred brand gen campaign. Landing page. Ipad and mobile banner.

For Swedish company, Qred, the brand gen campaign was a mix of banners, landing pages, interactive quizzes, and more.

Once we’ve hooked the audience, we want to provide as many entry points as possible. Yes, that means certain content is gated. That’s where the hybrid model comes in.

Lead gen campaigns often include emails and retargeting – those are in brand gen too. But brand gen needs to be seeded in multiple channels like emails, retargeting but also digital media spend, radio or audio, webinar, print ads, swag, and tradeshow materials. 

Mercuri International’s used brand gen for a global product launch that resulted in revenue streams quickly outweighing the campaign cost.


In Silicon Valley, adding outdoor ads or DOOH are key in creating brand awareness. You see the stack of channels now? The brand gen campaign diversity paired with a 6-month run makes sure the campaign does all it can, has maximum reach, and delivers a strong return on investment.

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