In just 8 years, Snowflake has gone from startup to the largest IPO in tech history.

Sköna is proud to have been part of that journey. Here we explore some of the ways that building a brave brand helped it happen - and what lessons can be learned for other tech companies wishing to grow.

From startup to global success - the Snowflake Story

In this case study, we take a look at the role of the brand in building an effective global demand gen machine and showcase some of the ways that marketing helped drive Snowflake’s meteoric rise.

Discover the snowflake growth story here.

“I see Sköna as a really strong partner when it comes to the development of the brand. I think we have had at least three or four significant brand revisions during our journey. And I think Sköna has been a key agency in developing the creative guidelines for evolving the brand.”

Lars Christensen, VP Marketing & Demand Gen, Snowflake

An Interview with Snowflake

In this interview,  we sat down with Snowflake’s VP of Marketing and Demand Gen, Lars Christensen. Despite some internet gremlins (and the fact that he was in the middle – literally – of a house renovation), we managed to get some fascinating insights and advice for those who want to follow in Snowflake’s footsteps.

Read the interview here.