Business Breakfast

Building B2B Marketing Excellence - The Silicon Valley Way



June 15
8.00 - 9.00 am
Breakfast and Registration from 7.30 am



Näckströmsgatan 8,

B2B marketing best practices and trends

from the Silicon Valley


Are you a B2B marketer? Do you work for a tech company in Sweden?
Are you interested in enhancing your marketing activities with Silicon Valley expertise and driving growth for your organization? 
Join us for an inspiring Business Breakfast with Wednesday Relations.




07:30 | Registration & Breakfast


08:05 | Building a strong B2B brand

Why is building a strong and consistent brand important for your business’s growth? How do tech companies in the Silicon Valley do it? In this section we will talk about the importance of branding, especially for B2B Tech companies, and best practices to building brands that stand out in a very competitive marketplace.
Martyna Studniarska, Planner and Account Manager, Sköna Europe

08:20 | Building an efficient inbound marketing machine – Playing the “leads game”

Building a content strategy is on everyone’s to-do list these days. But why is it important and how does it connect back to the bottom line? In this section we will discuss strategies and tactics to drive leads and engage target audiences throughout their buying cycle.
Gwen Lafage, General Manager, Sköna Europe

08:35 | The future of B2B marketing – Trends from the Silicon Valley

B2B marketers in the Silicon Valley are always looking for new ways to drive growth for their organizations. With the explosion of big data and the proliferation of marketing software, the way to do marketing and the role of marketers is changing. In this section we look at current B2B marketing trends in the Silicon Valley that are setting the stage for what’s to come in Europe. We’ll discuss the new possibilities that new trends like ABM (account-based marketing) or AI (artificial intelligence) can bring to B2B marketing everywhere.            
Jenny Sagström, Founder and CEO of Sköna

08.55 | Summary





 Jenny Sagstrom
CEO + President,


Gwen Lafage
General Manager,
Sköna Europe


 Martyna Studniarska
Account Manager,
Sköna Europe

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