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Affirm is revinenting financing with the millennial audience in mind. Their POS financing is a refreshing new approach—bringing radical transparency to an otherwise clouded industry.

our challenge – To help Affirm connect with online merchants and convince them to end their payment status quo. We conceived a lead gen campaign that demonstrated Affirm’s potential to impact merchants’ overall revenue and NPS.


We worked with Affirm’s content marketing team to identify the most compelling claims for prospective merchants and brought these differentiators to life: Affirm increases conversion at checkout, allowing millennial buyers to purchase high-value items using Affirm’s simple and transparent financing mechanism. What’s more, Affirm has an incredibly high NPS score, unlike most credit card companies.


Retail is changing. Payment options are becoming part of a retailer’s brand. In fact, millennial buyers are demanding more transparent payment options. With our content marketing collateral we enabled Affirm to make a compelling case to prospective merchants.

  • Creative Strategy
  • Case Studies
  • Landing Pages
  • Digital Ads
“Skona’s content marketing designs have done a tremendous job of showcasing our diverse merchant partners and the amazing results they are getting with Affirm.”

– Julie Ingle, Head of Marketing, Affirm

paving the way for an honest way to pay

In just five short years, Affirm has provided installment financing for so many consumers. To celebrate their growth, we put together a campaign honoring their 1 millionth loan. From a new couple’s first mattress to a graduate student’s school preparatory courses, dreams big and small are being fulfilled with Affirm. And we’re proud to be a part of paving the way for more transparency in financing.

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