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When we first met with AI company CrowdFlower in November 2017, they were going through a name change and were looking for an agency to help them envision their brand story through a complete rebrand, including a new logo design, visual brand assets, and a new website.

The company, now Figure Eight, offers a human-in-the-loop AI platform that trains, tests and tunes machine learning models. Real world data is messy, and Figure Eight helps clean it up and make it usable for decisioning and solving business challenges.

Our challenge – We were awarded the project in December in 2017 with the caveat that the entire new brand and a new website was set to launch April 1, 2018.


The new name Figure Eight hinted towards objects such as knots, infinity loops and of course the number 8. After diving deep into understanding AI with the team at Figure Eight, we realized they needed a logo with meaning. An identity that helps bring their brand story to life, something that visualizes the iterative process of their AI process – where training, testing and tuning work in infinity.


On April 1st 2018, we were excited to celebrate the new brand launch with the Figure eight team. Not only had they moved into a new office, they had a complete new visual brand with a stunning new logo along with new branded materials including whitepapers, email templates, eBooks, business cards and brand guidelines.

…Skona helped us design a breathtaking rendition of our new name, the triple loop representing the training, testing and tuning of machine learning models…Subtle squares dotting the I and crossing the t in Eight representing bits of the data that figure heavily in our brand story…

-Randi Barshack, CMO Figure Eight

Holistically telling the story on the web

On that same date, we also launched the new website Figure-Eight.com. The custom-built-from-scratch WordPress site contained over 20 templates helping them establish their earned role as thought-leaders in the AI space.


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