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Founded only two years ago, Greenbrier has experienced explosive growth thanks to the market demand for their crisis communications and public affairs savvyness. Which meant that the Greenbrier team didn’t have much time to spend on their branding and digital presence. And that’s where Skona stepped in.

our challenge – Build a long-lasting brand and digital presence that showcases expertise, empathy, and confidence—the cornerstones of the Greenbrier brand.


After consulting with the Greenbrier founders, we took note of their passion for the outdoors. The natural world ended up being the inspiration for our powerful visual strategy. The Greenbrier website design incorporates the use of majestic scenery, with warm human and organic elements. This visual language helps to reinforce the narrative behind the complex communications and public affairs work that Greenbrier does—setting companies and individuals on their path forward.


We focused on creating a clean and compelling UI. From the takeover navigation bar to the subtle animations, each element lends itself to the simple and sophisticated feel of the site.

  • Logo & Brand Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Visual design & Interaction Design
  • Web development
There are plenty of firms that can turn your specs into something useful, but it’s rare to find a creative agency that guides you through unearthing your brand…

— Lane Kasselman, Greenbrier Founder & Managing Partner

moving a brand forward on mobile

With the audience in mind, we extended the fluid user experience of the desktop design to mobile using a clean and simple layout that evokes the essence of the brand while communicating the Greenbrier offering.

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