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In early 2019, Global sales training consultants Mercuri International launched their DLC – Digital Learning Center – an innovative training platform that brought a new level of flexibility and customization to sales training. We helped them to create a worldwide campaign that created real excitement around the product launch.

Our challenge – Operating in over 50 countries worldwide, Mercuri helps a diverse range of companies to achieve sales excellence – for us, the challenge was to put together a range of assets that were high level enough to have mass appeal, while offering real, tangible content value for those who wished to dive deeper.

Our Approach

The campaign was divided into 2 phases, each with its own theme. Phase 1’s theme was the science of learning, which was designed to establish Mercuri’s academic credibility and thought leadership in the field. We researched and designed ebooks, infographics, and assessment quizzes all hosted on a unique landing page that provided a clear, elegant hub to drive engagement. Gated and ungated resources were supported by a social media campaign, all sharing bold visual imagery that referred to Mercuri’s core brand while being campaign specific. Phase 2 built upon the same format, but refreshed the content with a new theme – ‘stay competitive’ – highlighting the changing face of sales brought upon by technological disruptors – and how DLC sales training could help you stay ahead of the curve.

And the result?

The campaign has generated real buzz around Mercuri’s DLC offering, differentiating them from their competitors by highlighting their innovative approach and global reach. The figures from Phase 1 show visitors to the site up 13% post-campaign, with the number of sessions up 11%. Specific local markets also demonstrated tangible benefits, with the value of leads generated (and converted) quickly exceeding the campaign’s cost and building ongoing revenue streams.

“We managed to attract a lot of attention from the market and positively influenced our positioning – we estimate the indirect impact of the campaign as very useful.”

Mercuri International, Slovenia

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