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Innovative marketing platform Punchh offers a fresh way for restaurants, c-stores, and retailers to drive same-store sales. We helped them to completely reposition their brand and website to bring it in line with their superior offering and technology.

Our challenge

As Punchh’s markets expanded, the brand image – and website – struggled to keep up, becoming cluttered and overly complex. As the website became less comprehensible, customer engagement declined, with sales teams unwilling to use the website as a point of contact tool for potential prospects.

Our approach

Through a detailed discovery phase into the company’s ambitions, sales tactics and product offering, as well as an understanding of their evolving consumer base, Sköna built a bold brand and voice that established Punchh’s leadership in the restaurant marketing space plus highlighting its expanding share with other retail verticals. This brand refresh became the basis for the UX, motion, imagery and high-level messaging. Motion and interaction with hovers, buttons, and carousels visually referred to the journey manifest in moving a customer from anonymous to loyal and highly valued. By rethinking the way that the brand reflected the company, the new website could clearly convey Punchh’s offerings without alienating its existing customer base or losing its hard-won reputation for technological superiority.

Building a brand is more than skin deep. It a deep look into your company’s values, goals and messaging and an understanding of the marketplace. Punchh’s new website is a personification of this work, and takes a bold new position as a leading marketing platform for restaurants and retailers.

And the result?

An aesthetic that was more than just skin deep – it was the conclusion of a profound understanding of a company’s philosophy, ambition, and direction. It gave Punchh’s sales and marketing departments an exceptional tool to properly engage with customers, existing and potential, while clearly and boldly explaining their platform. The modern, clean design and structure now properly reflect the reality of Punchh’s brand, offering a seamless, coherent digital experience across all touchpoints; it’s a showcase of their comprehensive platform to disrupt traditional marketing tactics, and how companies can gain an edge to compete for an increasingly finicky consumer base.

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