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The Ferry building, with its dramatic clock tower, is an iconic landmark in San Francisco. While it was once the primary portal to the city, today it’s a bustling marketplace of local farmers, artisan producers, and restaurants.

our challenge – In 2016, the Ferry Building had an outdated website which was far from the experience that people enjoyed in real life. Our role was to redesign the website from the ground up and rethink the entire digital experience.


We created an entirely new site, optimized for mobile, that delivered the richness of the in-person Ferry Building experience. It was imperative that the new site recreated the physical experience of visiting the Ferry Building, so a big part of the project for Sköna included art directing a photoshoot of its every nook and cranny.


Within just four months post-launch, the Ferry Building analytics went through the roof. Compared to the four months pre-launch, there was a 1,463% increase in sessions, 1,220% increase in users, 2,218% increase in pageviews, and a 248% increase in average session duration.


  • Discovery
  • UX & UI design
  • Visual Design
  • Web Development
  • Photography
  • Blog & Newsletter Development
Skona not only created a site for the mobile age, but they also delivered the richness of the Ferry Building Marketplace experience in a compelling, modern, and visually engaging style.


local, seasonal, exceptional

Fresh messaging positioned the Ferry Building Marketplace as the ultimate foodie destination. We also built in the flexibility to tailor the site to highlight seasonal offerings, events, and special holiday hours.

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