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From startup in 2012 to THE cloud data platform in 2020, we’ve been along for the Snowflake journey from ideation to massive growth. From the idea to build a cloud data warehouse from the ground up, Snowflake offers a solution to all businesses of any size or industry to be truly-data driven.

The challenge

Snowflake needed to stand out from the sea of traditional data warehouses. This meant clearly communicating differentiators like being built for the cloud and creating a demand gen machine to leverage the brand to drive sales. That meant choosing a creative agency who shared their vision, understood their unique position and possessed the tools and passion to share their message on a global scale.


The approach –

To begin effectively building a demand gen machine, there needs to be a deep understanding of the target market, a framework to scale and replicate as the company grows. Once the target audience is identified, the power of the brand becomes critical to driving long-term success. 

Snowflake had very specific requirements when choosing an agency. They needed an agency that occupied a particular sweet spot – not too large, nor too small. They knew they needed an agency based on the goldilocks principle. That’s us – an agency not too big, not too small – to deliver a breadth of expertise across all areas to scale with Snowflake and understand the value in building a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. That means that those involved with the original pitch are still active with Snowflake projects to this day. 

Snowflake was developed in an incremental process, with each evolution and interaction building on the last. A good agency develops with their client, expanding the marketing reach to meet the demands of the company’s growth. With Snowflake, this has made us create more ambitious campaigns in scale and scope and as their customer base broadened, target digital campaigns led to physical events with Snowflake Summit and Summit World Tour reach and converting new audiences.

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The result –

Being brave isn’t about taking risks – it’s about having the confidence to understand what makes one special and communicate it, and often in unexpected ways. It means standing out in a crowded market.

When Sköna started working with Snowflake there were just 3 people working in the marketing team. Today the demand gen marketing team numbers 130, with over 1500 employees across Snowflake. They’ve gone through 8 rounds of investment, each representing a significant milestone in their expansion across first the west coast, then the US, then North America, EMEA, APJ, until finally landing in a position of truly global pre-eminence, with a current valuation (October 2020) of roughly $67 billion, went public on the New York Stock Exchange on September 16th, 2020.

This growth has been built on a coherent, forward-looking sales and marketing strategy – a strategy that has been laid on the foundations of a true brand consistency from the outset. Every step, every iteration of the brand has been carefully thought through, building on the lessons learned along the way. 


“I see Sköna as a really strong partner when it comes to the development of the brand. I think we have at least 3 or 4 significant brand revisions during our journey, with Sköna a key agency in developing the creative guidelines for how we are evolving the brand…it’s really consistency that drives a brand and Sköna has been that consistency.”

Lars Christensen, VP of Marketing & Demand Generation, Snowflake

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