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Anyone who commutes on the 101 between San Francisco and the South Bay is familiar with the hoards of tech company billboards. These billboards are great real estate, but getting your message to cut through the clutter is no easy task.

our challenge – Wake up the morning commuters with a fun, engaging message. The results? Winning Forbes Best 101 Billboard Award.


After being briefed by the client on their upcoming and groundbreaking product announcement, we set to work developing a creative brief. Our goal was to build momentum leading up to their Data Sharing announcement and pull off a memorable Out of Home launch. Since the media buy was in the heart of Silicon Valley, the very center for enterprise tech advertisment, we knew we needed to take some risks.


Since then, Snowflake has maintained a billboard presence on the 101 in San Francisco and outside the Lincoln Tunnel in New York. We’ve continued to create witty, risky (but just the right amount), brand-building boards. Our creative copy plays on the current politics, while selling Snowflake’s superior offering. A winning combination, as described in this article B2B News Networks.

  • Product Launch Creative Brief
  • Billboards (SF, NY)
  • Digital Billboard
  • Product Launch Digital Assets
The text-only boards, sporting witty copy, stand out against other billboards competing for attention.


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