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B2B brands are having their moment. That’s why we’re pushing our clients to build brand gen campaigns—a campaign concept we’ve pioneered. Brand gen brings the best of brand campaigns and hard-hitting demand gen practices under one umbrella.

our challenge – We needed to use humor to showcase a common challenge organizations face with their data and analytics.


Using footage from the web video featuring comedy duo Tripp & Tyler, we developed several campaign extensions. Each extension served to build brand recognition and support demand gen efforts.

Strategically placed billboards also worked to increase brand recognition, and continue the campaign drumbeat.


We created a data warehouse maturity assessment landing page using Tripp & Tyler imagery. Based on the assessment results, quiz takers were served up a customized resource. This proved to be an excellent lead-gen tool.

The results? A brand gen campaign with an LOL web video that extended to billboards, microsites, and more.

  • Campaign Landing Page
  • Billboards
  • Lead Gen Quiz
  • Digital Display Ads
  • Printed White Paper
The web videos acted as the conversation starter—getting people engaged around the Data Struggle theme.

extendable comedic bits made for eye-catching collateral

Programmatic display ads and social banners featuring the comedy duo outperformed other plain text assets. These ads drove to a Sköna-built landing page featuring a lead gen quiz and the Tripp & Tyler videos. By utilizing an easy-to-recall url – datastruggle.com – we were able to continuously reinforce the campaign theme. The landing page was updated throughout each phase of the campaign to host the latest assets.

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