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Telavox needed to streamline and redirect its communication and collaboration platform, Telavox Flow, into one main Telavox brand. After years of bouncing between the two names, they needed to build a new but familiar brand from the ground up. By understanding the company and its goals for the future, we shaped the new Telavox brand to showcase what makes them so unique.

Our challenge

Merging Flow and Telavox meant gaining a deep understanding of their brand image and identity. They had a desire to build a strong brand and fantastic self-awareness but also an identity problem balancing between Flow and Telavox. We needed to use their strengths to project their strong internal identity externally by reimagining their brand strategy, image, and UX to bring a fresh user experience to a fresh company.

Our Approach

By starting with an in-depth discovery process complete with internal and external stakeholder interviews, we were able to understand what defined Telavox and how to reflect their business value to customers in their brand. With this background information and by gathering what they wanted in the future, we could begin building their brand strategy – a crucial step for developing design and messaging. 

Simple and powerful – the messaging is a reflection of the communication and collaboration that is seamlessly and intuitively integrated into the Telavox platform. We chose crisp sentences, no jargon, and direct explanations of complex ideas to clearly show the customer how the platform could help their workday.

Telavox already had substantial brand recognition, which meant the design had to be familiar as well as new. The design features a minimal palette centered around the new Grass Green color, strong graphic elements with a touch of hand-drawn illustrations to add a human touch.

The result –

Telavox has produced a platform that breaks down barriers, removes silos, and empowers colleagues and customers alike. Their website reflects this transparency in every detail, presenting a brand image that is 100% aligned with the values that define their product. Every word, every image, every color, every click – everything points towards the end goal ➡️ Great workdays. Happy customers.

“Our collaboration has produced a brand and website that now truly reflect who we are as a company – and where we’re going. Sköna went to great lengths to really understand our position and built bold messaging and design that showcased our uniqueness.”

Vanessa Mayer, Telavox

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