Child Development Centers

Rebranding fun and learning


Market research & Survey  |  Brand Blue Print  |  Brand guidelines
Employee brand book  |  Photography  |  Web design & development


For over 45 years, CDC has been providing high-quality childcare throughout California. Today, the organization serves 20,000 children at 139 centers. Since 2013, Sköna and CDC have been working together to simplify the lives of parents by offering programs that keep children safe and nurture happy, smart, and confident kids.


Parenting today can almost be seen as a job, and as project managers, parents plan their children’s lives and optimize their time. This has changed the expectations of preschool and afterschool programs. What used to be child care has been transformed into enrichment. CDC had taken all the right steps, shifting their curriculum and changing their offerings to meet the demand. However, they needed to market this switch to get their brand better known and stand out versus the growing competition.



After an in-depth exploration phase, we crafted a market research survey that was administered to 1,200 parents or guardians of children ages 5-12 in CDC’s primary markets around California. Based on our learnings, we developed a brand strategy that elevates the crossover between what potential parents are looking for and what CDC offers: the only program with licensed and qualified staff and therefore quality enrichment.

We defined the brand mission, key differentiators, brand values, and brand personality in order to build a comprehensive Brand Blueprint. This then translated into a comprehensive brand book that was distributed to CDC employees. We established a visual identity around this, positioning the organization as a superior educational—but also fun—experience.


The Results

The rebranding has already led to several important successes including a 16% increase in Summer Camp enrollment for 2016! Just as important as external success is the internal response to such a huge brand shift. CDC reports that the new brand has energized the staff and educators.