We’re back to haunt you

Each year brings fierce competition, creativity, and questionable masterpieces. And this year has proven to be no different. What’s at stake you ask? Honor. Brotherhood. And a plastic trophy. Check out the contenders below, and cast your vote for who you think did it best in each office. Yes, that means you get to vote twice! The competition will stay open until November 1st, then stay tuned for the announcement of who is crowned Halloween Champion.


Ballot 1: San Francisco Office

Bob Ross
Happy little trees come from California 😉

Donnie Darko/Frank
Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Drowning Girl
I’d rather sink — than ask Scott for help!

Hippie Dreams
High on Life

King Alion of the North
After everyone dies, Alion takes over

Left and Right Boob
Better together

The Leprechaun
Pot of Bitcoin for ye all

The Raven
Caw! Caw!

Scooter VS Uber
Wear a helmet, kids!

Skona 404 Page
The error you get with no costume at Sköna

Where’s Waldo
Can you spot him in San Francisco?

Ziggy Stardust
The rise, the fall, he does it all

Vote for the San Francisco winner here!

Ballot 2: Stockholm Office

Choking Charlie

Egg Planty Marty

No Pain No Jayne

Raging Rahman

Silent Gwen

Wizzy Woodhouse

Vote for the Stockholm winner here!

Last year’s winner was…

Boramy with Cousin It! More on that in this blog post.

Like the way we dress?