2020 just got spookier

To add to the long list of scary happenings of 2020, we’re back with a cherished Sköna tradition – the Sköna Halloween costume contest. What creative, terrifying and terrifyingly questionable costumes are in the running this year? Who obsessively prepared since last Halloween for the competition? Who wrapped themselves in excess the toilet paper bought for the apocalypse and called it good?

We’d like to point out YOUR VOTE MATTERS. Check out the contenders and vote for who wore it best! The polls will be open until November 1st, at which point we will count the votes and share who will be Sköna’s very own pumpkin king.



The competition was fierce. We saw Jane Goodall and even witnessed an alien abduction. We thought there could only be two winners but in the spirit of 2020 and keeping things weird – we have three champions.

From San Francisco, Louise swept the competition with the help of one small but mighty astronaut and their costume “Marcury Lost in Space”. From Stockholm, both Petra “Youbetcha Petra” and Gwen “Lagwentha” brought the fear factor and tied with the exact same amount of votes!

Thank you to everyone at Sköna for participating and an even bigger thanks to everyone that helped fuel our Halloween obsession by enjoying the fun and voting!

Ballot 1: San Francisco Office

Voting has concluded, but please enjoy everyone’s costumes below!

Ballot 2: Stockholm Office

Voting has concluded, but please enjoy everyone’s costumes below!

Previous year’s (2019) winners were…

Boramy as Teen Wolf in San Francisco and Martyna as Marty-Bot for Stockholm!

Like the way we dress?