Snowflake City Tour

Bringing the brand on the road


Events look & feel | Microsite design & development | Promotional Campaigns | Onsite material


Snowflake is disrupting the traditional data warehouse industry and helping their customers reach Data Nirvana, one byte at a time. Snowflake’s database is natively built for the cloud. Making it easier to access, faster and not to mention cheaper. Skona and Snowflake have been partnering up since August 2016.


Brands are always looking for new ways to engage with their target audience. As part of our ongoing relationship with Snowflake, Skona helped Snowflake bring the brightest minds in data directly to the doorsteps of their potential clients. Through  “The Snowflake Cloud Analytics Tour” and “The Data for Breakfast Tour”, Snowflake created new opportunities to be present where their target lives and works.



Skona created unique look and feel for these tours showcasing Snowflake personality and helping the brand establish a deeper emotional connection with their audiences. The design of the “Cloud Analytics Tour” reflected the speed and performance of the product itself and established the company as a leader in its field. The look of the “Data for Breakfast” tour however focused on creating a warm and welcoming feeling designed for smaller, local events.

To complement and promote the in-person experiences, Skona designed and developed a microsite for each event but also crafted the digital campaign to drive traffic and encourage registration.



With fully attended stops in 10 cities, “Snowflake’s City Tour” really helped cement the brand as the Enterprise Tech darling. With a stop in 20 cities, the “Data for Breakfast Tour” is reaching new audiences across the country.